Quality and reliability. Visible through a clear label.

“Made in Germany” is worldwide appreciated as a seal of top quality, constancy and reliability. This refers particularly to watches of German production. The evolution of most modern design, technologies of high precision manufacturing and also traditional places of production contribute to that reputation of legendary German arts of engineering.

The Professional group “Watches & Clocks” as a part of the German Jewellery+Watch Association has made it to their task to give the customer the possibility to see our high quality standard easily with a visible label. This label is fixed onto the watchband by the manufacturer and shows the customer already at first sight, even before buying the watch, this watch is “Made in Germany” sind.

Strict and certified criteria. For uniform standards.

Manufacturers wanting to have their watches marked with the “Made in Germany” label are obliged to observe and follow the strict quality norms of the German Jewellery+Watch Association.  Only if they fulfill all criteria the label will be granted by the Association. The watch manufacturers obligate themselves in return, to maintain the quality of their watches and to respect all norms.Made in Germany seal of top quality